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Grand Fir Christmas Tree


Alright! The holiday season is around the corner and it's time to buy a nice artificial Christmas tree for your living room. When the holidays are over, clean up time begins and you will also need a good bag to store your tree until it's time to use it next year.

Read on as we review some of the best Christmas trees, bags and accessories to make your holiday a fun filled one, even after it is over.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 20 Grand Fir Christmas Tree 2016 Reviews

If you're looking for a really easy and affordable way to store your artificial Christmas tree, then the Elf Stor Bag will be perfect for you.

It can hold a 9 foot tree when disassembled. Putting up a tree is a lot of fun when you expect the arrival of the holiday season, but sadly not so when you have to disassemble it.

So if your tree is smaller, say a 7 to 7.5 ft, then you can even put them in the bag without disassembling it.

You will be left with ample space for other decorations too.

  • Tear-proof - The body of the bag is made of tear-proof polypropylene so that sharp tree parts won't damage it.
  • Easy to carry - The strong nylon handles will make carrying your tree to your basement or attic easy.
  • Roomy - The bag is roomy enough to fit trees of differing thickness from slim to medium to full.
  • Label - It comes with a label in the front to make it easy to organize with your other things.
  • Value for money - This is quite a good bag that you will get for under 20 bucks.

  • Not boxy - The bag does not stay rectangle as one might expect from the advertised picture as there are no supporting panels.
  • Thin - Some customers might find the bag to be a little too thin to their liking and smell of plastic

Buy this Elf Stor bag if you want to store your small to large artificial Christmas trees, year after year, dust and pest-free at an affordable price.

Best Choice Products 6' Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree With Solid Metal Legs 1000 Tips Full Tree

It is sure a lot of fun to follow tradition and bring home a real pine tree for Christmas. But it can also be a lot of work as the pines can keep falling and littering the place around it. The branches too can be a little difficult to work with while putting up the decorations.

Best Choice's 6' artificial Christmas Pine Tree is the answer to those who want a clean and quick Christmas tree experience. Its three part assembly can be put together in minutes and it comes with a sturdy metal stand on which the tree stands to avoid tipping. It comes with 1000 pine tips to make it look as close to the real thing as possible. This 6' tree is the perfect size giving you enough space to hang your decorations.

  • Natural look - The tree has a full and natural look due to the presence of 1000 tips
  • Stable - It is well supported by a metal stand base so that there is no risk of the tree falling or tipping.
  • Adjustable base - The base can be adjusted to make the tree taller or shorter.
  • Easy storage - You can easily dismantle the parts and store the tree away in the box that comes along with the product. There is no need to invest in a separate bag for storage.

  • No lock for the base - The base is only a stand on which the tree sits and there is no lock mechanism to make it extra safe and stable.
  • Short - The height is a little shorter than 6' and hence will be ideal for smaller corners or rooms.

Best Choice's Christmas tree is ideal for those places where a real pine tree is not allowed. It's a great artificial tree that looks full and natural at one fourth the price of other expensive trees you can find in the market.

Assembling the parts shouldn't take you more time than making your cup of coffee.

Do you hate the clean-up after the Christmas holidays? Most often than not, it could simply be because you don't have a proper storage solution in place.

Not any more as the Handy Laundry storage bag is ideal for your disassembled 4' Christmas tree.

Your tree will be safe from dust, pests and moisture, in the sturdy bag made of durable tarp material that comes with a zipper.​

Once you put the tree in the bag, carry it easily with the centre handles or even make it a two person job with the side pulls.

The bag is Christmasy too with its red body and green handles. So you'll find it easily in your basement when you need it next year.​

  • Sturdy - The bag is sturdy enough to store your tree for years together
  • Roomy - Though it is ideal for a 4' tree, you can easily fit larger trees that break down into sections

  • Odour - The product does have a bit of a plastic smell and can be bothersome to those who are sensitive to odour

Enjoy the spirit of Christmas even after it is over with this red bag to store your 4' tree. It is sturdy enough to last many years and easy to spot in your attic or basement even after a year.

A 9' Christmas tree in your home can be majestic enough to make you look at it with pride. But the feeling can quickly change into one of remorse when you think about the clean-up involved. Drive your worries away with the heavy duty tree bag from K-Cliffs. You will instantly fall in love with its holiday red colour and its sturdy design.

It can easily fit 6' to 9' tall trees that are disassembled.

Even if your tree is heavy, the team pulls will make it easy for moving it to your basement or attic.

Forget obnoxious odour with this polyester bag that is very durable to keep your tree in good condition year after year.

  • Durable - The bag is made of durable polyester to last many years of storage.
  • Large - There is enough room for a large 9' tree and more so that you can keep the tree, decorations and lights all in one place.
  • Handles - You can easily lug your tree with the handles or use the team pulls to shift it to your attic or basement for storage.

  • Zipper - The quality of the zipper might be not good enough to take rough handling.

This Christmas tree bag by K-Cliffs is just the perfect one for those who like their Christmas tree to be in top notch condition year after year and don't want to be buying a new bag every year.

Your holiday clean-up does not have to make you feel under the weather.

Put away your Christmas tree in this huge Elf Stor bag and forget about it till next year. This big-enough-to-be-a sleepin- bag tree bag will hold a 9' tree disassembled tree and more. In fact, you could use it even if you had two smaller trees.

It is made of tear-proof vinyl and durable nylon handles to make it last through years of storage. Keep the tree safe from dust, bugs and dampness inside this zippered bag.

  • Extra Large - It is quite large even for a 9' tree and can easily accommodate the decorations and lights .
  • Storage - The cylindrical design helps in vertical storage if you are low on floor space.

  • Too big - Due to its size, it may be difficult to move the bag easily if filled completely.
  • Zipper - The quality of the zipper is poor.

Just because you like to put up a large Christmas tree doesn't mean you need a lot of storage space.

With this Elf Stor bag you can put your tree away and store it compactly until it is ready to be used the next year.

It can accommodate a 9' tree easily when disassembled and you will still be left with a lot more space for other accessories.

This easily foldable bag has sturdy handles for moving your tree to the storage area.

Your beautiful tree will keep looking that way year after year, as the bag will keep it away from dust, insects and moisture.

  • Tear-proof - It is made of durable high-impact polypropylene for a long life
  • Roomy - Measuring 52"x30"x30', there is a lot of room for a disassembled tree, its accessories and more.

  • Clumsy - As the bag's material is thin and does not have much of a structural support, it will not hold its shape and feel clumsy as you carry it to your storage area.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced tree bag that will not squish your tree but is roomy enough to keep it safe from the elements, then this Elf Stor bag is a good deal.

7) Lightshare 8FT 132 LED Birch Tree

Lightshare's LED birch tree is a lovely decoration that you can use in your home as part of its regular décor.

It can also be used during Christmas as an additional tree or even be spruced up with some red lights and be turned into a minimalist's Christmas tree.

Your imagination is the limit!

The 8 ft tree, comes with more than 100 LED lights and just needs to be plugged in for use. The branches are flexible to be arranged as per individual preference.

Use it indoor or outdoor to make any place come alive with its soft and warm white lights.

  • Portable - The tree is lightweight and can be transported easily when you want a change placement.
  • Stable - The lightweight design has been compensated with the heavy base that keeps the tree from tipping.
  • LED lights - It consumes very less power due to the use of LED lights and lasts a very long time too.

  • Branches - The number of branches look a little scarce than expected and also need to be shaped well to give the perfect look.

When you buy this decorative birch tree, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay for the real deal. But you will have a ready to use decoration all year round to liven up your parties and festivals.

8) Tabletop Ceramic Lighted Green Christmas Tree by Inspire and Imagine

If you like to display your festive spirit, this little ceramic Tabletop Christmas tree will be just perfect.

The hand-painted tree comes with colourful C7 light bulbs to add to its beauty. What's even more, it comes with a cute and transparent star on top.

With a power cord, all you'll need to do is just plug it in and you are all set for the holiday season.

This tree can be very nostalgic for many as these ceramic hand-painted trees were so popular in the 1950s.

It has been carefully designed to reproduce the trees of those times. It can easily become a yearly ritual to display these little trees in your home.

  • Size - With a height of 14.5 inches and a base width of 7.5 inches, this tree is a perfect size for your table top decoration
  • Quality - The hand-painted ceramic tree is of a very good quality replicating the trees from the 1950s

  • Light bulbs - The little light bulbs on the tree come glued on, so replacing faulty ones is not going to be a easy twist in place job.

This small ceramic tree can instantly bring in the festive spirit and probably even bring back your childhood memories.

Unlike your bigger trees, these can become a treasured possession that can be passed on from generation to generation.

9) Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7' Green Artificial Christmas Tree

Putting up your Christmas tree does not have to take up a lot of time any more. Decorations on the tree make up the fun part but not so when you have to hang those lights.

Now you can enjoy the whole ritual of setting up your Christmas tree with Best Choice's prelit trees.

The lights on this 7' artificial tree come as both LED lights and fibre optic lights which blend in with the needles of the tree.

The PVC needles are dense to give a fresh-cut and natural look throughout the holiday season. A metal stand ensures the tree is well supported at the base.

  • Two-part assembly - The tree can be put together in no time with an easy two-part assembly
  • Lights - The lights are very energy efficient as the tree employs LED and optic fibre lights for illumination

  • Harsh light modes - Some of the light modes cause the lights to flash more and may be bothersome to people who are sensitive to harsh light.
  • Size - The tree is more of a thin to medium size and not a full size one.

If you are one of those who don't like to spend hours on setting up your Christmas tree, then this pre-lit tree with fibre optic and LED lights will be just the right one for you. Though the lights can be too bright for some, it should work fairly well in a larger room and is quite a deal for 100 bucks.

10) Elf Stor Premium Red Rolling Duffle Bag Style Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Taking down your huge and heavy 9' tree can be quite a task by itself, not to mention moving it to your storage area.

But not when you can roll it away easily with the Elf Stor rolling storage bag.

It is made of durable tear-proof material and comes with strong handles and zippers to take the weight of your large tree.

Three roller-blade style wheels and a pull help you roll your bag quickly to your place of storage.

Just break up the sections of your tree and stuff it into the bag and you are good to go.

  • Canvas - The bag is made of tear-proof canvas material for extra strength.
  • Large - There is a lot of space to hold a really heavy and large disassembled 9' tree and more.

  • Duffel style bag - It is more of a duffel style bag and won't hold a rectangular shape especially if you think of storing it vertically.

This tree bag is ideal for those extra heavy 9' trees that will not work with the vinyl and plastic bags.

Though the canvas bag is not waterproof, it is thick enough to keep your tree from dust, pests and keep it looking good all year long until you need it for the next holiday season.

11) National Tree 7 1/2' North Valley Spruce Tree, Hinged (NRV7-500-75)

A big decorated North Valley spruce tree, with its typical cone shape and packed branches, can fill your home with the warmth of the festive spirit.

But what if you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a live tree.

You can simply buy an artificial North valley spruce tree by National Tree.

This 7.5' tall tree comes with hinged branches made of metal and has more than a 1000 tips for a full and natural look. It is also a full size tree that is 52" wide.

The tree fits together in three sections and sits on a sturdy metal stand that is foldable too, so storing it does not take up a lot of space.

  • Hinged branches - Make it easy to assemble the branches as well as fold them compactly for storage.
  • Full size - With more than a 1000 branches it gives a very full feel for an artificial tree.
  • Warranty - This is a quality product that comes with a whopping 5 year warranty.

  • Requires fluffing - The branches need some time to be fluffed up well to get the full look and might look sparse otherwise

This tightly packed 7.5' full tree is perfect for those who like a mid size tree with dense branches. This tree can easily last you a few years.

12) Homegear 6FT Artificial White Christmas Tree

Homegear 6FT Artificial White Christmas Tree

What is a white Christmas without a white Christmas Tree? A white tree can be a welcome change from the usual green tree and bring in the snowy feeling right inside your home.

With this Homegear white tree, you can even use the tree outdoors.

The 6' tree has about 700 tips that can be fluffed up to give a full look and the plastic stand is ideal for using in wet conditions outdoors.

The tips are made of PVC to be weather resistant too.

  • Weather resistant - The tree has tips made of PVC and a plastic stand making it ideal for outdoor use
  • Dense - The branches fluff up nicely to give a full and densely packed tree

  • Plastic base - can break easily if not handled carefully
  • Rust - The stem of the tree is made of metal that tends to rust when used outdoors in wet conditions.

Though it may not be a product of very high quality, it is a very good tree for the price you pay and will last a few years with care and maintenance.

It's easy on your pocket too, just in case you want to go back to a green tree next year.

13) Ucharge Solar Christmas Lights White Lights 72ft

Setting up your Christmas tree outdoor can be a wonderful way to display your decoration.

But you will need enough weather proofing and a nearby power source. You can now place your tree anywhere you want with the Ucharge Solar Christmas lights.

It is a string of 200LED white coloured lights that also has a built-in battery in addition to the solar panels for working on solar energy. J

ust leave the lights on during the day and your decorated tree will automatically light up at dusk.

They can be used not just on your Christmas tree but also as light curtains, party lights, weddings and for outdoor decorations.

  • Automatic On/off - Leaving the power on ensures the lights are charged during the day and light up automatically at dusk. They automatically turn off at dawn.
  • Cold and water-resistant - The lights are water-proof and can with stand below freezing temperatures of up to -20 degrees.

  • Ambient light - The lights can automatically turn off if the surrounding light is too powerful exceeding 15lux

This versatile, power efficient solar LED light will be a great compliment to your outdoor Christmas tree or any holiday decoration.

As they use solar power and are water and weather-proof, they make the perfect light for outdoor use.

14) Charlie Brown Christmas Tree by Product Works with Blanket 24" Tall (Non-Musical)

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with Blanket 24" Tall (Non-Musical)

If you are one of those Peanuts cartoon fans, then the Charlie Brown Christmas tree by Product works is a great idea to remind you of your childhood favourite.

The 24" tall tree comes with a cute Linus character blanket and a shiny red bauble. It can easily be assembled together and makes for a lovely decoration piece that can go on your table at home or at work.

These even make for great Christmas gifts and can be a kid's very own Christmas tree in the house.

  • Fun replica - The product is a fun replica of the real pine tree that you can get for a good price
  • Linus blanket - It comes with a tiny blue blanket to remind one of the cartoon character who carries the blanket with him everywhere
  • Gift size - The 24'' tree is small enough to be given as a gift to a friend at work or to kids to be placed in their room

  • Frail - The construction of the tree is not sturdy enough as it is made of wire and tape instead of a sturdier material like plastic.

Buy this Charlie Brown Christmas tree for your friends who enjoyed the cartoon as kids or even to kids who will like to have their very own little tree in the house.

This affordably priced artificial tree can act as an additional tree to decorate corners or other rooms in your house.

15) Lighted Christmas Wall Tree

Lighted Christmas Wall Tree

Nothing beats the look of a full size grand fir Christmas tree to bring in the festive season. But not everyone wants a live-sized tree for Christmas probably because they don't have the space for it.

A big tree also means a lot of time and effort to put the parts and decorations together. Whatever your reason is, this lighted Christmas wall tree will make your holiday decorations a breeze.

Just plug it into a power socket and you are all set for Christmas. It's that easy!

The tree comes ready with lights and decorations, but you could add your own to make it extra rich.

  • Simple -This will probably be easiest and quickest Christmas tree type you will find in the market.
  • Child-proof - This tree is perfect for families with kids or curious toddlers as the electrical components will be well above their reach.

  • Size - As it is designed for very small spaces, it can look tiny even in a slightly large room.
  • Not as full - The branches and tips are not dense enough and show a good amount of wall through the spaces.

This wall Christmas tree is ideal for someone who does not want to go through an elaborate decoration ritual during the holiday season or for those who have limited space to afford a large tree.

With everything these days becoming plug and play, it won't be long before many shift to this style of wall trees for the convenience they offer.

16) Best Choice Products 22" Tabletop Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products 22" Tabletop Pre-lit Christmas Tree Battery Operated with Red Berries and Gold Ornaments

How about a small Christmas tree for your desk at work or your mantle piece at home? How about a tree for the kids' room that they can decorate themselves? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Best Choice tabletop pre-lit tree will be a good choice for you.

The 22" tree comes fitted with LED lights and ornaments and a cute shiny base.

It's fuss-free as it works on battery and has no dangling cords to deal with.

  • Portable - This 22" tree is portable both in size and features as it works on batteries
  • Pre-lit and decorated -There is no need to hang lights or decorations excepting the red berries in the pack, as the tree comes ready with everything required from lights to decorations.

  • Flimsy and thin - The parts of the tree can be flimsy to set up and the branches are thin even when fluffed up
  • Scarce decorations - The decorations are too few and tend to be concentrated on one side of the tree

It is a good, ready-to-use portable and battery operated Christmas tree that you can almost use straight from the pack and will make for a pretty décor on a table.

Place it anywhere or change its location for every day of the holidays for a fun filled festive season.

17) Product Works 14211 Charlie Brown Musical Lonely Christmas Tree

Product Works 14211 Charlie Brown Musical Lonely Christmas Tree

Re-live your childhood or teach kids the about the true spirit of Christmas with this lonely little Charlie Brown tree that can very well adorn a table in the house or even your office desk.

This little 16" tree can be decorated but is best left bare with the sole red bauble that comes in the pack for a classic look.

It comes with a musical base and works on batteries for a cord-free set-up. The music that plays is the Peanuts theme song that is sure to make any Peanuts cartoon lover fall in love with it.

It also comes with a little blue Linus blanket to complete its Peanuts cartoon look.

  • Simple - Like the theme of the tree, its set-up too is very simple with a solo decoration and a little blanket
  • Easy to store - The branches are made of wire that can be easily bent to make them flat for easy storage

  • Assembly - Putting the base and the tree together can be a little cumbersome due to a faulty design

This little table top tree, with its simplicity, depicting the true spirit of Christmas, will leave you feeling happier than an elaborately dressed full size tree.

Its small size and an affordable price tag makes it an ideal gift for both kids and adults alike.

The tree is sure to become a topic of conversation wherever you decide to display it.

18) CoverMates - Holiday 60" Holiday Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Elite Plus Collection

CoverMates – Holiday 60" Holiday Christmas Tree Storage Bag (Fits up to 11 foot Artificial Tree) – Elite Plus Collection – 3 YR Warranty – Year Around Protection

How about a thoughtfully made Christmas tree bag for your large tree? No matter how much you loved putting up your tree, putting it down can bring out the slob in you.

Not any more, as the CoverMates 60" bag will make putting your tree away an easy affair.

The 60'' bag can easily hold up to a 11' disassembled tree and has room for all components of the tree including the lights and the decorations.

Unlike other flimsy bags, this one comes with cinch-straps on the outside as well as straps inside the bag to hold the tree parts in place.

It has a clear window on top so you'll always know what's inside the bag.

There is a small zippered pocket on the inside for storing smaller decorations.

The handles and zipper are of very good quality to handle large trees.

  • Sturdy - The bag is made of durable polyester for extra strength and comes with a total of 4 cinch straps to hold everything in place
  • Quality - It has reinforced padded handles for easy hauling of the tree and quality dual zippers.

  • No solid base - Though the box looks boxy, it lacks a solid base to retain its shape while transporting the bag with the tree.

When you have a large tree, a good storage bag is a must.

This CoverMates bag is not just large enough but strong enough with cinch straps and reinforced handles to transport your tree easily and store them well until they will be needed next year.

19) Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas Tree Rolling Storage Duffel

Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas Tree Rolling Storage Duffel

When you buy a nice artificial Christmas tree, it only makes sense to store it carefully so that you can use it year after year.

The rolling duffel bag from Classic Accessories is great for your 7' to 9' tall disassembled trees.

The shell is extra padded while the inside has a cinch-strap to hold the tree parts in place. The top sleeve is clear to view the contents of the bag and the inside has a pocket to store a stand or a skirt.

The bag is made of a pretty fabric to match the holiday season and is debossed for a stylish look.

Secure the tree inside the bag with the dual zippers and roll it away easily with the wheels and sturdy end handles.

There are also long top handles for easy transport.

  • Strong - It has a sturdy design with a padded exterior, durable top and side handles and internal cinch straps.
  • Extra features - It has an inside pocket for the base and a clear sleeve to view the contents for easy organization.

  • Size - The bag is not large enough to hold full girth trees and will be ideal for slim to medium sized ones. If you have a 9' tree, you would be better off buying a bigger bag.

This rolling duffel bag will be great for safely storing your slim to medium artificial trees up to 7.5 ft. With roller wheels in place, you don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy tree bag from your living room to your basement or attic.

With all the extra protection the bag gives, your tree will keep looking good year after year.

20) Elf Stor Premium White Holiday Christmas Tree Storage Bag, Large(30" x 60" Bag)

Elf Stor Premium White Holiday Christmas Tree Storage Bag, Large(30" x 60" Bag)

If you are looking for a quick, simple and affordable storage option for your Christmas bag, then this Elf Stor Premium bag will be your best bet.

Don’t fret when you have to put away your tree after the holiday season.

Just disassemble and insert the tree sections into the bag and stow it away until you need it the next year. Its' as simple as that! It's large enough to accommodate even a 9' tree when disassembled.

Sturdy nylon handles will make carrying your bag to your storage area easy.

  • Tear-proof - It is made of strong tear-proof tarp material to protect your tree
  • Large - There is enough room inside for a 9' foot tree and can still hold some more items

  • Not easy to carry - There is no supporting structure and is very large making it wobbly to carry when full.

This is an ideal bag for those who want an easy and functional storage bag that is easy on the pocket.

Though it may not be the sturdiest bag to be carrying your tree around, it is a great bag to store your tree so that it is protected from damage, dust, pests and moisture.

Our Recommendation Based On Comparison

If a basic and affordable bag is all that you are looking for to store your artificial Christmas tree, then the Elf Stor premium and Deluxe range of bags is your best bet. You can get the same features in a Handy Laundry bag for under $10 for your smaller, 4' tree.

If you want a bag with a sturdier fabric and pulls to easily transport your large and heavy Christmas tree, then you can choose the CoverMates storage bag or get the heavy duty bag from K-Cliffs for almost half the price.

If rolling your bag to the storage area is your deciding feature, then you can choose the Classic Accessories Seasons duffel bag that has a lot of features or the affordable Elf Stor rolling duffel bag.

For those who don’t like a big Christmas tree we have reviewed table top and minimalist tree options like the wall tree.

Dare to be different with the white Christmas tree or the Lightshare Birch tree. Bring childhood memories back with the Tabletop ceramic tree or the Charlie Brown lonely trees.

For the eco-friendly and the energy-conscious people there is even a solar powered LED light option for your trees that you can consider.

Buying Guide

You don't have to feel bogged down trying to decide on your Christmas tree, decorations and tree storage bag for the coming holiday season. Our buying guide below will make your shopping fun and help you make the right choice too.

Christmas trees

  • Height - Artificial trees range in size from 6 to 12 ft. Choose one that is ideal for your ceiling height, taking into account decorating effort and ease of storage. Average tree heights for homes fall in the 6 to 9 ft range.
  • Size - The thickness or the width of the tree is referred to as its size and can vary from slim to medium to full girth trees. A medium to full girth tree is ideal for the main tree and a slim one will work well for decorating corners or additional rooms.
  • Features - The best part of an artificial tree is that you can choose one that comes with most of the work done on it.
  • Pre-lit trees have the option of using incandescent, LED or fibre optic lights
  • Flocked trees are made to look like they have a layer of snow.

Christmas tree bags

  • Size - Choose a bag based on the size of your tree. Bags that store disassembled trees have the maximum space.
  • Material - Bags come in a variety of materials like vinyl, plastic and polyester that can be moisture-resistant, tear-proof or even extra padded for protection.
  • Quality handles and zippers - The bags should come with quality handles and zippers for easy transport and storage.
  • Rollers - Heavy and large trees can benefit from bags that have rollers to safely move them to the storage area.


Whether you are looking to buy a life-size, artificial grand fir Christmas tree or a simple table top tree there is one that fits your home and your personal preference. Choose from traditional dark green artificial trees to white trees or even a minimalist birch tree or a Charlie Brown lonely tree.

Once the holiday season is over, storing your beloved tree is very important to keep them looking good for the years to come too. It can also save you a lot of time and effort next year, as you can store the trees without disassembling them totally.

When it comes to storage too, depending on the size and weight of the tree, you can choose from a simple tarp bag to a fully padded bag with heavy duty handles and wheels for transporting your tree safely from your living room to your storage area.

You don’t have to endlessly browse websites and forums on the internet trying to find reviews about each and every product. We have carefully handpicked the products and reviewed them individually so you can choose what suits you the best.

If you find our review useful and like the products that we have recommended, then please leave a comment below.

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